Client: McMaster University
Services: 2D Animation

The Challenge

McMaster University sought to empower its students with effective networking skills crucial for career advancement, yet faced the challenge of translating this knowledge into engaging and accessible content through a 2D animated project. The challenge lay in conveying the intricacies of networking etiquette, strategies, and best practices in a concise and relatable manner that resonated with diverse student demographics. Additionally, the project had to address varying comfort levels with networking and cater to the needs of students at different stages of their academic and professional journeys.

The Solution

In alignment with Design Reborne’s mission to redefine compelling visuals, we proposed a solution that addressed McMaster University’s networking challenge by creating a dynamic and informative 2D animated project. Leveraging our expertise in animation and storytelling, we developed engaging content that demystified networking and provided practical tips and strategies for success. Through relatable characters, scenarios, and dialogue, the animated project guided students through the nuances of networking etiquette, effective communication, and relationship-building in professional settings. Furthermore, interactive elements and personalized scenarios allowed students to explore networking concepts at their own pace, fostering confidence and skill development. Our solution not only empowered McMaster University students with essential networking tools but also inspired them to cultivate meaningful connections and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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