Heat Pumps, How they Work

Client: The Atmospheric Fund
Services: 2D Animation + Storyboard + Art Direction

The Challenge

The Atmospheric Fund confronted the urgent challenge of shifting away from carbon-intensive construction practices towards embracing low-carbon building strategies to combat climate change. The challenge lay in effectively communicating the importance and urgency of this transition through a 2D animated project. It entailed conveying the complexities of carbon-intensive construction, the benefits of low-carbon building strategies, and the critical role they play in mitigating climate change to diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, builders, developers, and the general public.

The Solution

We developed a captivating 2D animated project that educated and inspired action towards low-carbon building strategies. Through dynamic animation and accessible language, we demystified the complexities of construction practices and highlighted the environmental and economic benefits of embracing low-carbon alternatives. Our project showcased real-world examples and success stories, illustrating the positive impact of low-carbon building strategies on climate resilience, energy efficiency, and community well-being. By fostering awareness and engagement among stakeholders, our animated project catalyzed collective efforts toward a sustainable, low-carbon future in the built environment.

+ Stills

Design Reborne was able to turn a number of our rough heat pump diagrams and concepts into a compelling short video - using his top-notch art direction and motion skills. It is reaching our building-focused audience; for example, the City of Toronto incorporated this video into its Home Energy Efficiency training course.

Diana YoonThe Atmospheric Fund (TAF)