How do you teach a robot?

Client: GE Reports
Services: Motion Graphics + Storyboard

The Challenge

Effectively communicating the transformation of GE’s aviation factory in Bromont, Quebec, posed a significant challenge. Engineers implemented robots to eliminate three million repetitive hand movements, marking a shift from manual labor to automated processes. The task included illustrating the re-training of machine operators as robot conductors. The challenge lay in presenting this complex narrative in a clear, engaging, and visually compelling manner through a motion graphics project. Additionally, it required effectively communicating the significance of this transformation for GE’s operations and its workforce, while emphasizing innovation and adaptability.

The Solution

To tackle the challenge, Design Reborne proposesd a motion graphics project to depict the evolution of GE’s aviation factory in Bromont, Quebec. Through dynamic animation, we aim to illustrate the integration of robots to streamline operations and eliminate repetitive tasks. The motion graphics will highlight the re-training process of machine operators as robot conductors, showcasing their adaptability and the positive impact of automation on efficiency and employee roles. Using engaging visuals and storytelling techniques, our project will underscore GE’s commitment to innovation and its proactive approach to enhancing manufacturing processes. By crafting compelling visuals and narratives, we seek to redefine the narrative of GE’s factory transformation, forging a lasting connection with the audience and showcasing the potential of automation to drive progress in industrial settings.

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