Serving Up Value

Client: Sobeys
Services: Motion Graphics

The Challenge

Sobeys’ “Serving up Value” campaign, featuring “This Week’s Recipe,” faced the challenge of effectively engaging and inspiring customers to explore new culinary experiences while emphasizing the value and convenience of shopping at Sobeys. The task involved creating compelling and informative content that highlighted the weekly recipe offerings, showcased fresh and affordable ingredients, and encouraged customers to choose Sobeys for their grocery needs amidst a competitive market landscape.

The Solution

In alignment with Design Reborne’s mission to redefine visual storytelling, we proposed a solution that leveraged captivating design elements and immersive storytelling techniques to elevate Sobeys’ “This Week’s Recipe” campaign. Through dynamic visuals, engaging narratives, and interactive content, our solution brought the weekly recipes to life, enticing customers with the allure of delicious and affordable meal options. By highlighting Sobeys’ commitment to quality ingredients and culinary innovation, our solution not only inspired customers to explore new dishes but also reinforced their trust and loyalty to the Sobeys brand. Through strategic digital and in-store activations, we created a seamless and memorable customer experience that resonated with Sobeys’ mission of serving up exceptional value to every shopper.