Client: Hive and Hamlet
Services: 2D Animation + Storyboard + Illustrations

The Challenge

Hive and Hamlet, a C-Corp dedicated to revolutionizing accountability and transparency through its innovative SAAS ecosystem, sought to convey its intricate narrative that intertwined consumerism, conservation, charitable giving, gaming, community, and storytelling. However, the challenge lay in translating this complex narrative into a visually engaging 2D animated project that resonated with diverse audiences while maintaining clarity and coherence.

The Solution

Design Reborne, a creative studio specializing in 2D animation, motion graphics, and dynamic websites, proposed a solution to Hive and Hamlet’s challenge. By leveraging our expertise in rethinking design to transcend the ordinary, we crafted a visually stunning 2D animated project that intricately wove together the core themes of Hive and Hamlet’s mission. Through compelling visuals and meticulous storytelling, our project established an immediate and lasting connection with the audience, effectively communicating the essence of Hive and Hamlet’s innovative SAAS ecosystem and fostering deeper engagement with its values and objectives.

+ Stills

Thanks Alan. It's exquisite. I so love working with you. You're epic, you literally give birth to what I am thinking without me having to give more and more input. It's the best! I love working with people who are so damn competent at what they do. You delivered not just what I want, but think one step ahead.

Asher JayNational Geographic Explorer and Creative Conservationist