Empower A Life: Elephant Poaching

Storyboard + Animation + Illustrations + Art Direction

Asher Jay is an international adventurer and public figure whose compelling paintings, sculptures, installations, animations, ad campaigns, and films all have a single purpose: to incite global action on behalf of wildlife conservation.

Asher’s travels to the frontline have made her a witness and story-teller, combating illegal wildlife trafficking, promoting habitat sanctuaries, and illuminating humanitarian emergencies. Her core message is about biodiversity loss during the Anthropocene–the Age of Man—and she shares this message through an uncanny ability to envision a growing spectrum of emotional art that captures the attention of audiences the world over.


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Thanks Alan. It's exquisite. I so love working with you. You're epic, you literally give birth to what I am thinking without me having to give more and more input. It's the best! I love working with people who are so damn competent at what they do. You delivered not just what I want, but think one step ahead.

Asher JayNational Geographic Explorer and Creative Conservationist