Client: Henoscene
Services: 2D Animation + Storyboard + Art Direction + Illustrations

The Challenge

Henoscene identified a critical issue in the realm of branding: while brands aspire to champion authentic, social, and environmental change, the existing channels to demonstrate their positive impact were fractured and ineffective. Brands lacked credible methods to showcase to consumers how they contributed to positive social and environmental outcomes, leading to a disconnect between brand aspirations and consumer trust.

The Solution

Addressing Henoscene’s challenge involved crafting a captivating 2D animated project that served as a potent vehicle for brands to authentically showcase their positive social and environmental impact. Leveraging our expertise in redefining design paradigms, we created compelling visuals and storytelling elements that resonated with audiences, allowing brands to bridge the gap between their aspirations for authenticity and consumers’ desire for tangible evidence of change. Our project revolutionized brand communication, fostering trust and loyalty while catalyzing meaningful social and environmental progress through transparent and engaging storytelling.

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