Grandma’s Hands Children’s Book

Client: Joel Harper
Services: Graphic Design + Book Layout

The Challenge

“Grandma’s Hands” children’s book presented the challenge of translating the timeless, soulful essence of Bill Withers’ song into a captivating and meaningful visual narrative suitable for young readers. The task involved capturing the profound impact Withers’ grandmother had on his childhood while ensuring the story remained accessible, engaging, and relevant to contemporary audiences. Additionally, the challenge encompassed maintaining the authenticity and universal appeal of the original song’s message while adapting it into a format that resonated with children and their families.

The Solution

Carefully crafted “Grandma’s Hands” as an enchanting children’s book honoured the essence of Bill Withers’ timeless song while infusing it with elements of wonder, warmth, and relatability for young readers. Employing evocative illustrations, lyrical prose, and heartfelt storytelling, the book vividly depicts the enduring bond between Joel Harper and his grandmother, inviting children to explore themes of love, resilience, and intergenerational connection. Through thoughtful adaptation and creative interpretation, the book preserved the spirit of Withers’ original song while offering a fresh and enchanting experience for young audiences to cherish and enjoy. As a result, “Joel Harper and Grandma’s Hands” served as a poignant tribute to the power of family and the enduring legacy of love passed down through generations.

+ Book Layout