Rainfall Warnings

Client: Fountain Tire
Services: Motion Graphics + Video Editing

The Challenge

Canadian drivers are highly vigilant about the need for good tread during the winter, yet tire health during rainier months is often overlooked. Despite rain accounting for 46% of weather-related crashes, the importance of rain-ready tires remains underemphasized, particularly in Canada’s rainiest province. The challenge lies in effectively raising awareness among drivers about the critical need for proper tire maintenance in rainy conditions using impactful and relatable methods.

The Solution

Fountain Tire will launch a social media campaign that leverages the very element that creates dangerous driving conditions—rain. Through dynamic videos, we will highlight the risks of driving with inadequate tire tread in rainy weather and emphasize the importance of rain-ready tires. This campaign will target drivers in Canada’s rainiest province, using localized and relatable content to maximize impact. By vividly illustrating the connection between tire health and road safety in wet conditions, we aim to foster greater awareness and encourage proactive tire maintenance among Canadian drivers.